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Janich & Klass Takes Over microform
Key transfer from Mr. Reinberger (right) to Mr. Janich (left)
The former system partner will continue as an independent enterprise.

Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH from Wuppertal, a leading supplier of products in the ranges of industrial PC technique and Document Imaging, announces the take-over of the scanner manufacturer microform GmbH (Waiblingen).

Since September 2008, microform has been the system partner of Janich & Klass, and it will continue operating as an independent enterprise sited in Waiblingen.

The two equal shareholders of the Janich & Klass GmbH, Dietmar Janich and Ulrich Klass, have purchased all the shares from the former shareholders of microform GmbH (www.microform.de), and now they are the new owners of microform GmbH, each with a 50 percent shareholding. The partners maintain silence on the purchase price, nevertheless all payments have been made, and the commercial registration has been completed. Microform GmbH now becomes a sister company of Janich & Klass GmbH, but it will continue as an independent enterprise with its site in Waiblingen.

Roland Reinberger, the former majority shareholder of microform GmbH, will soon reach 65 years of age and will leave the company. Nevertheless, with his longstanding experience and his national and international contacts, he will remain available to the company on request, as a consultant. “Due to their high regard within the Industry, the considerable amount of expertise and longstanding experience of the two new proprietors Dietmar Janich and Ulrich Klass, I am convinced that microform GmbH will continue successfully in the market, and the jobs of our staff and the care of our clients are guaranteed" said Roland Reinberger.

Microform will retain their entire staff. So, Jürgen Fross remains Manager of microform. In future, he will report to Dietmar Janich. Andreas Klinke, the former Sales Manager , will become responsible of sales in Germany. Wolfgang Urban, the former Manager for Export and Logistics, is responsible for sales activities outside Germany. Walter Bartke, former Manager for Service and Support, will remain responsible for Service.

“Synergy will result for both companies not in cost savings, but in strengthened support and development“. says Dietmar Janich explaining the take over. “In future, microform GmbH will strengthen its focus in the sales of DpuScan and will utilize the Presales Support from Janich & Klass. In return, Janich & Klass GmbH as a technology company will develop the microform scanners further, and will certainly benefit from the longstanding experience of the microform service.“

Janich & Klass and microform GmbH have been business partners for many years. So, all scanners from microform GmbH are equipped with image processing technology manufactured by Janich & Klass. Furthermore, microform GmbH is the sales partner for the scan software DpuScan made by Janich & Klass.

About microform:

Microform GmbH was founded in 1994 in order to keep and further develop the know-how of Agfa in the areas of microfilm and scanner technology. Since then, microform produced and sold microform high-capacity document scanners and archive components. With their Best Image Quality concept, microform can offer complete capture solutions that are adopted to individual customer needs, and to steadily develop them further, in dialog with their customers. During this time, microform remained one of the few experienced specialists who nowadays still know about microfilm and who supply state-of-the-art equipment for this market.

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