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HUK Coburg Installed 115 More DpuScan Licenses

HUK Coburg Raised Their Number of DpuScan by Further 115 Licenses

In December 2004, the German insurance company HUK in Coburg installed further 115 DpuScan licenses and put them available for use in their line departments. This brought HUK a considerable step closer to their aim: To work with electronic files, in the near future, in all branches.

DpuScan is utilized for scanning the daily incoming mail, as also for quality assurance and enhancement, and for indexing all incoming records. Also the index stations still allow for image enhancement, without the need to scan the original once more.

For 2005 and 2006, further expansion steps are planned, until in 2006, in all probability, all branches will only work with electronic files.

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