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BIT 2–2012

Janich & Klass: Control of Scan Software and Scanner via Touch Screen


New Operating Concept

When capturing documents, quality is an important aspect. Interruptions in the paper flow cause important loss of productivity. Together with their sister company, the scanner manufacturer Microform, Janich & Klass has now developed the software XINOcapture with a completely new operating concept for XINOscan S700, the high-performance document scanner series from Microform. It allows the complete operating and remote control of the capture software directly on the touch screen of the scanner.


In the range of capturing, measures to reduce costs must be judged with careful consideration. Devices that are just fast may not necessarily deliver the desired results. Faults when scanning documents lead to high effort for correction and beside high costs cause also further problems if the expected documents can be processed only after a delay, or not at all. Therefore it is mandatory that any disturbance in the paper flow must be fixed because it may considerably impede the throughput. The work on a scanning work station usually requires to operate two devices: The computer with the capture software, and the scanner. This where the concept of XINOcapture starts, a software that was specifically developed for XINOscan by Janich & Klass. On the one hand, it uses adopted user profiles on the scanner hardware, and on the other hand it offers an expanded communication between hardware and capture software. Instead of the usual keys and a tiny LCD display, XINOscan by Microform offers a color touch screen as interface for operating and also configuration. Beside the base setup, the configuration allows settings for details like paper output and feeder settings, and also individual adaptations of the user layout. Therefore all relevant functions are easily accessible, and still the layout remains quite clear. Such configurations are stored as user profiles and can easily be saved on a usual USB memory stick. From now on, the user must only insert this USB stick for log-in, for a short moment. Then he can select the appropriate configuration. Exactly those control elements that he needs will be loaded on the touch screen. Some buttons serve for direct control of certain functions of the scanner, and others for remote control of the capture software. Specific settings, like the height of the stack, can be selected via buttons.


Slower scanning for single sheets

During configuration, you may select all frequently utilized elements for the respective layout. For example, you can configure a Start symbol. Simply touching this symbols will start the scanning process. On the side of the computer, the already started capture software receives the command and starts to scan. Any interaction with control elements of the computer becomes void. This advantage however is not limited to start and stop of the scanning process. The solution pays special attention to the handling of scan interruptions, like paper jam, for example. The scanner clearly indicates the position inside the unit where the paper jam was detected. Here, too, the control elements to be displayed then are individually stored in the user profile. The typical action is to initially empty the unit. Touching the "Empty Scanner " button starts the transport of the unit, so that all sheets that remained inside will be ejected. In most cases, it will not be necessary to open the unit; and the interruption of the workflow is shorter. The paper can be reinserted into the feeder, and be scanned again. In such cases, it is recommended to reduce the scanning speed for rescanning the problematic original. Afterwards, scanning is continued at normal speed. Actually, only XINOscan offers this possibility. Handling of such errors can be executed at the unit itself. The capture program requires no user input during the entire action. Thanks to optimized error handling without the need to open the unit or to change the control elements, the workflow remains fluent with less error hazards. Still, double-feeds will be the most common error case. Here, you have to distinguish between a real double-feed and a document that creates a double-feed warning caused by a label sticked on it, or a glued photo on the original. Depending on the setup, the scanner will then scan the sheet, eject it correctly, but will not continue feeding more sheets. An error message appears on the touch screen: it will display the image of the sheet that caused the error. The operator can now compare the image with the ejected original sheet. If there is no doubt that no double-feed condition exists, you can touch the "Accept and continue" button and deliver the image to the scan software. Otherwise, you can discard the image, and then continue batch scanning.


Controlling the Scan Software by Scanner Panel

Even one step forward leads the usage of so called Functions. When such a Function is invoked, the scanner sends a message to the XINOcapture software. You can use it, for example, to select the scan profile. Therefore, ample control actions become possible alone via the control elements of the scanner. The aim is to locate as many user interactions as possible to the scanner so that ergonomics in operating the entire system is improved, with the consequence of a reduced error rate. Normally, the scanner is supplied as a complete system.

The base equipment already includes XINOcapture. This software allows to compose complex capture processes already in its standard variant. XINOcapture can be expanded by more functions, and by adding PlugIns. Further modules are available to realize sophisticated, multi-stage capture sceneries with work places for indexing and post-processing. "The operation of a high-performance scanner like the XINOscan via PC has the disadvantage that the original paper sheets are processed on the scanner", says Dietmar Janich, Director of Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH. "With readily configured processes based on XINOcapture, the entire scanner operation and therefore the remote control of the capture software is noticeable more effective."


Ready to Scan: The display shows that the scanner is ready to start.

Paper jam: The touch screen illustrates where the document got stuck..

Personalized user layout with imprinter information

Double feed: The document can be judged directly on the display.





Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH is a leading supplier of products in the ranges of industrial PC technique, and document imaging. The company that was founded in 1981 in Wuppertal / Germany is among the pioneers of digital image processing. Their high-performance scan software DpuScan is successful in the markets for many years. The scanner supplier Microform is a sister company of Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH.


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