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DpuScan Function-DLLs

Ready compiled Function-DLLs
Sequence Check the sequence of barcodes in a row of images. zip Sequence
SoundMake an audible notice by function call zip Sound

Scripting (VBS) Function-DLLs
General Windows VBScripting can be used for Function- and Broker-DLLs. For details have a look at the Readme.txt within the ZIP file. zip Scripting
Barcodes Calculate the Checksum of Barcode 2/5 interleaved. Done in VBScript zip Checksum
Read filenames from file Read the names for the image files from a textfile. Done in VBScript. zip Read File
Write second protokoll Writes a second protokoll file via the broker interface using any filename. Complete DpuScan.dat given. Done in VBScript. zip Write Protokoll
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