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JK EMBEDDED receives Type Approval from German Lloyd 07/06/2016
As the first product that is available under the JK logo, the Panel PC PPC 3 M24 STD i25 received the type approval from the DNV-GL for operation on ocean-going vessels. more »
CeBIT 2016: Janich & Klass present innovative Novelties 02/23/2016
more »
Flexible Scan Solution for Text Documents and Payment Forms 11/18/2015
XINO scanners perform a responsible job at LBBW, the State Bank of Baden-Württemberg. As a modern universal bank, LBBW offers the complete range of banking products and service. Since 2013, XINO scanners from Janich & Klass GmbH are in use at LBBW. These scanners digitize more than 9.3 million sheets of business documents and payment forms, per year. The universal bank takes advantage of the high flexibility and performance of these units because XINO scanners can reliably process most different kinds of original documents. more »
Prospex digitizes heterogeneous paper documents with the XINO Scanner 11/17/2015
The XINO scanner fulfills a reliable mission in the Prospex gGmbH. The company annually digitizes about three to four million paper originals for their clients. Among others, a XINO scanner from Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH efficiently processes documents of different size and make. more »
microform GmbH merges into Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH 08/30/2015
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Additional feeder for XINO S700 03/10/2014
Efficiency through ergonomics

The digitization of paper documents, such as day-to-day incoming mail, has in a great many companies long since ceased to be a secondary task that can be performed by employees on the side. Dedicated workstations with special ergonomic requirements have been developed.

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XINO scanner work at Concordia insurance company 03/10/2014
Concordia Versicherungs-Gesellschaft a.G. has been archiving all of its incoming mail using Janich & Klass scanners since 2007. Only recently, in 2012, has the insurer up-graded and expanded its pool of machinery: Four XINO S720 scanners are now in service in the Document Management department, where they are deployed to digitize not only the daily intake of correspondence from all sorts of sources but old paper-based legacy archives, too. more »
Janich & Klass Takes Over microform 02/19/2009
Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH from Wuppertal announces the take-over of the scanner manufacturer microform GmbH (Waiblingen). Since September 2008, microform has been the system partner of Janich & Klass, and it will continue operating as an independent enterprise sited in Waiblingen. more »
Fujitsu fi-6770, fi-6750, fi-6670 certified 12/26/2008
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Panasonic Scanner KV-S4065CW/KV-S4065CL, KV-S4085CW/KV-S4085CL certified 11/26/2008
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Fujitsu fi-6130, fi-6140, fi-6230, and fi-6240 certified 11/26/2008
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Janich & Klass nominates microform as their DpuScan System Partner 09/15/2008
The new system partnership with microform will improve the worldwide availability of DpuScan Scan Software. more »
Janich & Klass certifies Canon DR-X10C document image scanner for DpuScan 07/14/2008
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Janich & Klass certifies Kodak i780 document image scanner for DpuScan 04/04/2008
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Good Mixture - MIXLINK taken over from Agfa 09/26/2005
JANICH & KLASS Computertechnik GmbH, Wuppertal, has taken over AGFA’s Mixlink business, retroactive as of August 1, 2005. Included within this Agreement is the production of these units, the software maintenance and client services. Mixlink is a color mix computer with CD-ROM for Automotive paint shops. more »
DpuScan scans directly into windream 06/29/2005
Janich & Klass has developed a new interface that connectes the Document Management and Archive System windream to the scan software DpuScan. With this new interface, users of DpuScan can now expand their imaging solution to an integrated software package. more »
HUK Coburg Installed 115 More DpuScan Licenses 12/23/2004
HUK Coburg Raised Their Number of DpuScan by Further 115 Licenses

In December 2004, the German insurance company HUK in Coburg installed further 115 DpuScan licenses and put them available for use in their line departments. This brought HUK a considerable step closer to their aim: To work with electronic files, in the near future, in all branches.

more »
German Employment Offices Scan with DpuScan 4.11 11/12/2004
The award for the installation of five batch scanners including their scan software at the "Bundesagentur für Arbeit" (the German Authority for Unemployed People and Labor) was given to the Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH for their software DpuScan Version 4.11, which they developped in Wuppertal, together with five batch scanners SCAMAX 401cd from the company InoTec in Wölfersheim/Germany. more »
DpuScan 4.11 and DpuArchive at the DMS Expo 2004 09/14/2004
DpuScan 4.11 as also, initially, DpuArchive were successfully presented from September 7 to 9, 2004 in action at the DMS in Hall 1 on booth 1180. more »
DpuScan 4.1 at imexpo 2004 in London 06/21/2004
On the booth of Scanning Resources, from April 27, 2004 to April 29, 2004 on occasion of the imexpo 2004, DpuScan 4.1 was initially presented in Great Britain, together with the new SCAMAX® 400 Scanners. more »
SCAMAX 4x1 Series: The upgradable Scanners at CeBit 2004 04/01/2004
On Stand 7n6 in Hall 1 at the CeBit 2004, InoTec GmbH presented – for the first time - their new SCAMAX 4x1 Series, together with DpuScan 4.1 more »
4 Aces and a Joker at CeBit 2004 03/31/2004
"4 Aces and a Joker" -- under this motto, DpuScan 4.1 was presented together with the new scanner generation, at the CeBit 2004 in Hannover/Germany, from March 18 to March 24, 2004. more »
DpuScan 4.1 at AIIM 2004 in New York 03/26/2004
During the AIIM Show 2004 from March 8 to March 10, 2004 in New York, J&K introduced DpuScan 4.1 together with the new scanner generation from Microform initially to the American market. more »
CPCI Pentium M Processor Board with Fieldbus Interface 03/26/2004
With the CPU board CPCI M4/206, Janich & Klass introduces the first member of their new product family with the Intel Pentium M Processor. The board fulfills the CompactPCI Specification 3.0 and impresses at first sight by its ample equipment. more »
Peripherie Board for CompactPCI 03/11/2004
The CPCI SER4/PAR1 is a universal 6U interface board with up to four serial interfaces and one parallel interface. The CPCI DIGIO6 is introduced as a new digital input/output board with up to 32 each inputs and outputs. more »
New CPU Board for the ISA96/AT96 Bus 03/10/2004
The ISA96 P5/103 CPU board with the Intel Low Power Pentium MMX processor expands the product spectrum of Janich & Klass Computertechnik from Wuppertal/Germany. The CPU board with 166MHz clock frequency is available for the ISA96 Bus and for the AT96-Bus. more »
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